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Nina Paige Luxury Hair

Water Wave

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  • Double drawn weft
  • Natural color, can be dyed
  • Tangle free
  • 3.5 ounces per bundle
  • Available in 10" - 30"
  • From $109 - $199
  • Price listed is per bundle

Our hair collections are completely natural and untouched virgin hair from the temples of India. Hair can be styled and colored with ease, we recommend you keep styling products to a minimum to prevent weighing down the natural texture of the hair. 

We suggest you visit your stylist regularly for proper hair care, delicately shampoo and condition hair in a downward motion.  Avoid using products with sulfates and alcohol; or with pH balance greater than 7.  When styling hair use a wide tooth comb, gently start from the ends and comb or brush upward to the root.  

All hair textures can return to its natural state after styling when the proper hair care instructions are followed. 

Some coloring techniques may alter the texture of the hair and should be done by a  professional stylist.